Entire-leaved (Oregon) gumweed

Grindelia stricta

Range: Common in coastal BC; S to N CA.

Description: Perennial herb from a taproot; stems erect or ascending, several, usually branched, nearly glabrous or with long, soft hairs, 15-80 cm tall. Basal leaves alternate, toothed or entire with resin-dots, lower ones oblanceolate, up to 40 cm long and 4 cm wide; stem leaves unstalked, sometimes clasping.  Flowers solitary heads or a flat-topped cluster of heads; disk 1-3 cm wide; yellow rays 10-35 or more. Involucral bracts sticky.

Ecology: Mesic to dry beaches, coastal bluffs, salt marshes, waste places and roadsides in the lowland zone, mostly maritime habitats.


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