Beach pea

Lathyrus japonicus

Range: Common in coastal BC; circumboreal, N to AK, E to NF and S to N CA; Eurasia, Chile.

Description: Perennial herb from a rhizome; stems trailing to climbing, 10-150 cm long.  Leaves alternate, pinnately compound with 6 to 12 leaflets tipped with curling tendrils. Flowers a loose cluster of 2 to 8 pea-like flowers; corollas reddish-purple to blue, often 2-coloured, up to 3 cm long.  Pods, usually hairy, 3-7 cm long, 1 cm wide; seeds 5 to16.

Ecology: Sandy or gravelly beaches (often amongst driftwood), dunes, rocky headlands in the lowland zone.


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