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Mimulus Biological Consultants, under the leadership of Michele Jones, has been in business since 1996 serving clients as a respected, consulting firm that provides consulting, inventory, and assessment services.  

We specialize in the identification of ecosystems and habitats, both in the field and through the interpretation of aerial photographs.  Our ecologists are skilled in recognizing and measuring the complexities of natural systems. Additionally, we employ professional educators, able to work with and train various skill levels and age groups.  This combination enables Mimulus Biological Consultants to provide a wide range of services.

Consultants working for Mimulus are specialists in plant identification and measurement, wildlife identification, and ecological assessment.  Challenging ecosystems, such as estuaries, wetlands, and riparian areas are among the many sites in which the company has worked.

Project Collection
  • Sensitive Ecosystem Inventory
  • Environmental Assessment (Cumberland Waste Water Treatment Wetland)
  • Preliminary Ecological Assessment of the Trilogy Properties (Cumberland)
  • Ecological Assessments of the Elkington Estate Lands (Living Forest Communities, Inc.).
  • Ecological Assessment of the North Denman Lands and Chickadee Lake.
  • Species at Risk Assessments (2010 Winter Olympics, Whistler).
  • Riparian Areas Regulation Assessments.
  • Wetlands Institute (100-Mile House, Victoria, Canal Flats, Kamloops, Sea to Sky Corridor, Central Vancouver Island).
  • Vegetation Resources Inventory (VRI)
  • Monitoring and assessment of eelgrass transplants (Roberts Bank, BC).
  • Environmental Impact Assessments.
Michele Jones - Senior Biologist, R.P. Bio., M.Sc.

Michele Jones - Senior Biologist, R.P. Bio., M.Sc.

Michele Jones has had extensive experience throughout the province identifying ecosystems and has been training and auditing field crews provincially for nearly 20 years.  She is well versed at plant identification and measurement.  She has had extensive experience throughout the province doing inventory work as well as identifying ecosystems and habitat units on air photographs and in the field.

Michele Jones has taught BC Inventory procedures throughout the province.  She instructs at North Island College in Courtenay as well as teaching several field programs through Vancouver Island University and the Natural Resources Training Group.  She is currently one of two Riparian Areas Regulation Assessment instructors in the province.  She is also a certified Streamkeepers and Wetlandkeepers instructor, providing support to those programs as well as serving as an instructor at the Wetlands Institute.  In her spare time, she hikes, camps, and volunteers for several non-profit organizations.

Julie Micksch - Biologist, B.Sc.

Julie Micksch - Biologist, B.Sc.

Ms. Micksch has worked for Mimulus Biological Consultants for over 14 years. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science from Royal Roads University and a Renewable Resources Diploma from North Island College.  She is well acquainted with current survey and sampling protocols, as well as relevant government regulations and legislation.  She specializes in wildlife surveys, ecosystem delineation and habitat assessments, and is also known for her broad knowledge of sensitive ecosystems and species at risk. Her niche is her ability to work in remote areas and rugged terrain.  In addition, Ms. Micksch teaches wildlife identification, and wetland, stream and vegetation survey techniques to a broad range of clientele through Vancouver Island University and the BC Wildlife Federation Wetland Education Programs.